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The water we consume whether it be for drinking, cooking, baby formula, coffee or tea should be as pure as possible and unfortunately that means water cleaner then the standards set for municipalities. With todays technology however you can provide your family with water free of undesirable substances such as chlorine, chloramines, lead, arsenic, inorganic and organic contaminets, orders and tastes.

An Ultra Clean System Provides, Healthy, Clean, Fresh Tasting Water Right At Your Tap So You Know Your Family Is Safe Without The Need And Cost Of Bottle Water

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Ultra 400 Reverse Osmosis Water System

Although reverse osmosis systems have been around for quite some time, there are many differences in quality and efficiency. This system delivers twice the efficiency of standard reverse osmosis systems with a 1 to 1 ratio of purified water to waste water. RO systems give ultra pure water for drinking, cooking, fish tanks, baby bottles and more.

Ultra 400 Technology:

> Innovative compact space-saving RO system.
> 400 Gallon Per Day RO system.
> Clear digital display to monitor cartridge life & systems efficiency.
> System flushing, extends the life of the filter cartridges.
> Leak detector water shut-off valve included.

Optional Upgrades: Alkaline Filter, Permeate Pump or specialty filters if needed.


Proline Plus

Proline Plus RO – Purification technology and breakthrough engineering providing the finest level of filtration available.


> 50 GPD High Rejection TFC Filmtec™ Membrane
> NSF Listed 4 Gallon Storage Tank with Stainless Steel Port & Original JG Heavy Duty Ball Valve
> Quick Connect Fittings Featuring SafeLock™ Clips
> With ProFlush™ to Enhance Membrane Performance
> Attractive Euro-Soft Extra Tall Faucet
> Automatic Shut-off Valve (when tank is full)
> Built-in Pressure Gauge for Performance Monitoring
> Color Coded Tubing for Easier Installation
> Inlet Feed Ball Valve for Easier Maintenance
> Complete Installation Kit and Instructions Manual
> 5-Year Limited Warranty
> Made of High Quality Certified & Listed Parts and Components


> Cooking
> Ice Making
> Food Processing
> Restaurants
> Schools
> Homes


Alkaline Filter (Add on)

Now that your water is clean we can add the benefit of enhancing your water with an Alkaline filter.

It will increase your water pH to a range of 9-9.5, decrease the ORP range to -350 to -400, add up to 100% more oxygen to your water, and create micro-cluster water molecules.

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